A vision based Volumetric sensor system that determines the volume of the package to be billed and comes up with a billing amount. No more need to physically measure the package. Speeds up billing and save time.

Retractable cloth hanger. Bring down the hanger whenever needed hang your clothes to be dried. Lift it and stop at height of your convenience. Completely retract it to the rooftop when not in use. Available at the most competitive cost and the best quality.

Enjoy seamless Power Backup for WiFi Routers and Broadband Modem for Up to 4 Hours. Get Power Backup for Wi-Fi Router, 12V up to 3A. No more interruption due to power-cuts during your VPN, Zoom, WebEx, AnyDesk, Webinars.

Plug in, sit back and relax. This Smart Wi-Fi plug is set to usher convenience in your life. With just one click through you can control any connected device. You can switch on/off your device through one tap from an android App. It comes with a timer feature that allows you to schedule the connected device via the app. You can have voice control through Amazon Alexa too.

Low cost, easy to install water level controller need no cables to be run. Fix the sensor in the tank and fix the controller to the pump, you are ready and your tank will be filled in automatically. When no water delivered to the tank you will get a warning to check the sump.No more hassles of watching the tank.