Our Services

1stcon has the ability to design custom hardware solutions for its customers. This includes not only standard board design using many of today's latest processors and peripherals, but also the ability to design custom Field Programmable Gate Array's (FPGA's), analog and RF circuitry and more.

Electronic Product Design

Schematic Diagrams and PCB Design

  • PCB 3D models
  • Thermal modeling
  • Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis
  • Power Integrity Analysis (PI)

Prototyping - Sourcing, Assembly, and Testing

  • Simulation and Fast Prototyping
  • Use of hardware description language: Verilog, VHDL
  • Use of ARM, PowerPC, NIOS II, Microblaze processor cores combined with CAN, USB, Ethernet, PCIe, DDR3/DDR4 and other modules
  • IP cores development (video controllers, DSP, coprocessors, etc)

Mechanical Integration

  • Equipment Racking
  • TMetal/Plastic housing integration

FPGA Design

  • Algorithm implementation to FPGA
  • Architecture definition, selection of IP cores
  • Specifications development, SystemC modeling
  • Integration of digital and control elements on a single chip managed by RISC CPU, DSP, signal processing blocks, peripherals, memory interface.
  • Logical and physical synthesis
  • Adaptation of IP cores to various FPGA families

Embedded Software Engineering

Board Support Package (BSP) Developing

  • BSP creation, including boot loaders (U-Boot, RedBoot, EBoot, DSP Boot)
  • Driver development for devices, protocol stacks development, root driver development for system interfaces, also for memory (dynamic/static)
  • Power-on self-test sequence development
  • File systems images development
  • Writing scripts for firmware and distribution assembly
  • Boot time optimization
  • Boot image size optimization

Board Support Package Adaptation (Existing BSPs To New SoC )

  • Porting existing BSPs to new SoC

Embedded Software Application Development

  • OS dependent applications
  • Middleware
  • RTOS-controlled firmware
  • Bare metal firmware

Digital Signal Processing and Algorithm Optimization


  • SQLite / MySQL / PostgreSQL / MsSQL

Dedicated Graphical User Interfaces Engineering

  • Embedded Web technologies (HTML, Javascript, PHP, AJAX)
  • Apple iPhone and iPad Interfaces (iOS)
  • Android Smartphone and tablets Interfaces
  • Windows Platform Interfaces
  • Linux Platform Interfaces
  • Java Interfaces (Embedded into web page or standalone)
  • QT GUI for Silverlight Embedded interface
  • HTML5 interface

Integration Standard Network Protocol

  • TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP and etc

Industrial Protocol Integration

  • Profinet, Ethercat, Profibus
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
  • Canopen, MQTT, IEC61850 and etc


Design for Manufacturing Review

Cost Review & Bom Analysis

Cost Estimates

Component Sourcing

Quality Strategy

Factory Selection

  • OEM / ODM / EMS
  • Local or Offshore options

Factory Audits

Quality Planning

Testing & Certification